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    Simplify. Standardise. Digitalise

    Business Apps and Digital Learning Development

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Re-use, Refresh, Regenerate

Pretty much all your existing work will have some value in your digital future.

If you have in-house training or tutorials in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, or even in PDF, we can convert to digital learning and host on our online Learning Management System (LMS).

Similarly, if you have registers, forms or reports, in Excel or Word, that your projects utilise, we can convert these to all device friendly apps, with either the original Excel, a new SharePoint list, or even SQL, as the data source for the app(s).

We also have a selection of pre-defined learning content and app templates that you can purchase, to enable you to build your own.

Pricing shown for eLearning is based on 90-day licences per user, per Learning Path or per module. Learning Paths reflect the consolidation of complimentary modules and are heavily discounted, when compared to individual module pricing.

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    You may find that many of your current inefficiencies come in part from the lack of integration available across your systems.

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    Projects are unique, but project delivery best practice, can be standardised and therefore repeated.

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    The apps and the digital learning content are built in a low code / no code environment and are intuitive for all users.

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    Future proof

    Your data, your business processes and your in-house learning can be accessed from anywhere, at any time on any device.