Team Golf Scorecard

App Overview

This simple little app in phone format gives you a framework for one to four players to collect their gross scores per hole, apply their personal handicap to those scores and deliver the net result per one to fourball.

You have the option to play online (if you can get a phone signal), or offline and also have the capability to very easily add the details of the course you are playing (hole number, hole name, hole par and stroke index), to the data source, to complete the experience.

Regardless of whether you are on a Team outing, with many players, or a bounce game with just two of you, this app gives you a digtal alternative, that doesn't rely only, on your arithmetic skills.

As this app is built in PowerApps, it is deployed at enterprise level, within your Office 365 environment, therefore this is a one off installation, which would then be available to all your staff.