QuickTime App

App Overview

Such a simple concept and process, that often causes more non productive wastage, than it is designed to collect in productive time.

We have developed this very simple timesheet model app that can be used as a generic template for you to layer your specific requirements and branding onto, so that your staff can have the same "digital" experience using whatever device they have to hand, wherever they are, at whatever time suits them best.

Whether you are a freelancer needing client sign off for an invoice, or part of a team of many, we have simplified the process, so that the action of writing time (on for example your phone) populates the single data source (be that Excel, SharePoint or SQL), which is then accessible by all the relevant "others", from supervisors to accounts software.

The app is deployed through a digital tutorial, which gives all the instructions for install and operate, as well as the app itself as an importable file.