Customizing SharePoint Forms

App Overview

The improvements to how work tasks and subsequent data generated, flow through your business have been shown time and time again, when utilising the Microsoft Power Platform, from within the Office 365 suite of applications.

This latest post shows how, even if you, as a business, haven’t quite arrived at that point in your digital developments, you can customise forms, approvals and work flows, directly in SharePoint Online, without having to give all your users access to PowerApps, at an enterprise level.

We have been developing Power Platform solutions and online learning content, for clients, for a while now, but this latest tutorial, delivered through our Learning Management System (LMS), shows how you can create rich, user friendly forms, for processes, from timesheets to risk and opportunity registers, using only the “out of the box” functionality that comes with SharePoint Online.

Important to note, at this time, is that using SharePoint Online, enables the user(s) all the digital advantages that you get from the Power Platform, namely data input on any device, at any time, from anywhere, albeit online only (a 3G phone signal is ample), whereas with the PowerApps element of the Power Platform, we have developed offline solutions, to some data management needs that some clients have a requirement for.

All tutorials come with full instructions, including all the commands required to customise your forms and template downloads where appropriate.

If you are interested in more information, please follow the links below, to either contact us, or indeed to purchase the learning content, which includes a 90-day single user registration to our LMS.