Service Engagement

App Overview

Our latest product is a process for simple access to our Consulting service.

At the beginning of this strange year of 2020, the convention was to keep "services" and "products" mutually exclusive, however, as we come to the last quarter of this challenging time, we have the opportunity to challenge many of the things we used to call conventional.

At Projecteering we have pretty much completed our digital conversion and our new marketplace site, and our new LMS, is where we store, access and sell our intellectual property.

Within this key channel, we have the opportunity to "productise" many of the innovative solutions we have provided, through previous consulting services, so it made sense that a channel to point prospective clients and partners to that service, was the next step.

Our "Post an RFQ" form, much like a ticketing process that your IT Department might have in place, is one of the entry points to the process of engaging our Consulting Service, where your particular needs can be described and our proposed solution, can be delivered back to you.

If you have a requirement for anything relating to optimising your relationship with your Microsoft Cloud, or indeed want to make your internal training and tutorials more employee friendly, please contact us through this form and we will be happy to provide you with a free solution outline and quotation, based on our £50 hourly rate.