Operational Readiness Review Template

App Overview

As more and more of our critical interactions move, however temporarily, from people to people direct, to people to people by screen, we need to find ways to engage participants and, more importantly, make it very clear what the objectives and desired outcomes, of such interactions are.

We have developed an Operational Readiness Review template / tutorial, that is an online version of what your procedures are likely to indicate, should be the process for running such a workshop / event and can be used as the backdrop for such an interaction; 

The template / tutorial is built using a standard online learning package and is accessible on any browser, through any device, where all participants can see where you collectively are, in the agenda, either directly [on their device], with a link through Teams, or by the facilitator sharing their screen;

The template walks participants through similar workshop formats, as well as the specific process that you are going through with this Operational Readiness Review … content and branding can be modified to suit your particular needs; 

The checklist is also generic and has been developed with subsea construction projects in mind, but can be modified to suit any scope, in any sector and in any region … it can also be modified to suit particular language needs.

We have also included an optional Jeopardy style quiz, which is designed for 2, 3 or 4 teams to “compete” against each other, by scoring the most, with correct responses, to a suite of Project Management questions. A bit of team fun to end your day.

The product can be hosted and accessed through a link on your website, intranet, or Teams Group, or packaged up, as an executable file that can sit on one of your shared drives, either way this is a one off enterprise level purchase, that can be used time and time again, as the need arises.